Short-term goals… OSCP

Like many before me and, I’m sure, many after me – I am in pursuit of the gold standard entry-level pentester certification–the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).

I label this post as “short-term” as I have been studying on and off for awhile but this is something I want for myself by EOY 2021. This has become a second job for me–going through different course material, attacking practice boxes, researching and trying to expand on topics covered. Little by little I have been developing my methodology.

My current attempt is scheduled for April 2nd, 2021. As of now, my confidence is much higher than its been previously. The top score I have achieved to date is 55 points out of the needed 70 – so close but no cigar, unfortunately. I guess you could say around 60ish if you give me partial points for a webshell.

Many of my posts will be about what I’ve learned and things I am working on to further develop my methodology and, most important in my opinion, hacker mindset.


Published by nop5L3D

Persistent, enthusiastic, and honest. I am a security professional and aspiring Penetration Tester interested in all things within the offensive realm of cybersecurity.

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